Beach bath – awesome experience

Location: Bekal fort shores, Kerala

On our visit to the Bekal fort, we were captivated by the shores on the far end, never ending Arabian sea till your eyes can see, the lone ship in the middle of nowhere, the dark clouds hovering threatening to open up anytime, the mighty sea eagle swooning over for a prey, lovely couples posing for the shutters, little kids playing around, a lone man sitting on the rocks and drenching in the waves, fishermen and their huts on the far end, it just goes on and on… you just can’t describe all you see and feel in words, you have to be there for that experience, for that awesome feel.

(the bathing waves, photo by the author)

I rarely visit sea shores and if done avoid the salty waters, it sticks and the after cleansing and changing is a lot of worry for me. I stand at a distance, watch those mighty waves crashing on to the rocks and the shore, enjoy the beautiful sunset over the horizon, watch the birds hurrying home, envy/pity the sailors who live on the waters; I ‘feel’ every moment of being there, I ‘get lost’ in that feel that makes me happy and alive.

As always, we were on the rocks at the shore, off the fort watching those incredibly mighty waves crashing on and retreating back, coming again and hitting, coming and going; they never give up, they keep coming and going tirelessly be it day or night and once they get wild, tsunami’s happen J The waves hitting our feet was cool and so relaxing that we forgot that those were salty waters. Whenever you are in good waters, the feet come alive and glow after being cleansed by them and it’s so soothing and healing. As we were busy shooting, the fun moments started with huge wave after waves rising up, up and in an instant showering upon us mercilessly, leaving us zombied and yelling at each other, a moment of fear, a moment of awesomeness, a moment of happiness, a moment of being alive, the alive is awesome moments.

The waves rose so high and came on us unexpectedly that we had no option but to get drenched along with our cameras (see the video to feel it…), we started enjoying the moments, the feel of goodness and freshness engulfing us, I would have shrieked aloud awesome, alive is awesome!


  1. Wonderful place... The feeling of standing in sea waters and letting its waves sweep our feet is indeed awesome! All the best with all your contest entries!


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