All about We & Myself

All about Me and my Team

I am Santosh, born and living in Benglauru city in the state of Karnataka, India.

Born and brought up here, I'm currently employed full time in a software giant in an non-software role and utilize the weekends, holidays and paid leaves to travel, go bird-watching, do a bit of wildlife photography and take part in conservation activities!

Travel bug is something that got me started and with like-minded friends about 10 years ago and we have traversed across the nooks and corners of Karnataka exploring hidden places, remote waterfalls, trekking peaks, exquisite wilderness areas and much more with an intent to cover places out of the ordinary.

This blog also started with an intent of sharing our travel tales to the rest of the world for them to appreciate what we have and what probably they never knew existed. Now, I'm trying to showcase the diversity of flora and fauna that I capture through my lens and also the need for protecting them.

Travel got me closer to nature and thus started the integration of photography + wilderness and slowly towards conservation activities (that now I involve into whenever I get time). Bird watching and photography takes most of my time now with also equal interest on other life forms (could be mammals, insects, reptiles, amphibians and much more).

I am a non socialite and would prefer wilderness areas more to human infested areas, so you would generally find me in remote areas. Social media is a happening place and with it comes a lot of responsibility, what you share matters!

Additionally, I do guest posts, reviews, take part in contests and invite guest articles but all of them depends on my mood swings at that point of time.

I venture out on bird watching trails in and around Bangalore, visit wildlife parks across India, treks majorly in Karnataka and indulge in photography everywhere I go.

My current photography gear:
Canon 1000D
Canon 40D
Canon 7D MkII
Canon 18-55mm
Tamron 28-300mm
Canon 100-400mm
Olympus 20x50 binoculars
Panasonic FZ28 camera (Raja's)

Books and Guides:
The Book of Indian Birds - Salim Ali (13th edition)
Birds of Indian Subcontinent - Grimett & Inskipp (2nd edition)
Birds of Southern Coastal Karnataka - Dr. K. Prabhakar Achar & Shivashankar
Pictorial Guide to Frogs & Toads of Western Ghats - Gururaja KV
Karnataka Road Atlas

You can reach me here:

First of all, a lot of credit goes to each one of them for their continuous support and encouragement. With them, I have explored a lot in Karnataka and have enjoyed a lot of experiences and memorable moments that are etched in my memory.

Raja (Nagaraj)
Our friendship goes back to our good old college days. We studied together in BHS First Grade College in Jayanagar 4th block, Bangalore and it was during our graduation that our bonding started and it continues till date.
Academically, the brilliant of the lot and a star among us and has an undying passion for food and sleep :) he has been my buddy through the best and worst and has been with me on most of my travels. Jovial, fun loving and loves to travel, trek and laze around to take rest. He is a software engineer in an software company and married.

Guru (Gururaj)
Me and Raja met him on the first day of the graduation and from then, there has been no looking back for the 3 of us... He is kind of invisible person and appears only on the day of the travel or outing! Fun loving, cool and always the one whose legs are pulled, he is a non stop chatter box and with him and Raja together, you can hear their conversation miles away :) Works in the logistic and admin field in a software company and currently unmarried.

Nag (Nagaraj Gaitonde)

He came into the group through me about 5 years ago (in 2008) as we were working in the same company at that time. Passion for travel brought him into the team and since then he has been with us on some of our best times together. He is not what he is as seen - very smart, sly, hard worker and with great stamina and never ending energy. From the coastal village of Kasarkod near Honnavara in Karnataka, he is currently employed in the IT team of a software giant and remains currently unmarried. Started off being a very shy, decent, neat, active person to a robust, lazy, untidy and angry young man now :)

Writing was something I always liked but never made an attempt to use the pen mostly being lazy towards it. Got introduced to blogger by chance in 2008 and all of a sudden all my writing skills came into use and from then there has been no looking back. With the interest in nature and wildlife photography on a all time high, this blog has been witness to the change in my writing skills and the images tagged in each post. Earlier, I used to write more with fewer photos and now I have more photos to post than to write.

Thanks to all my friends, family, readers, followers, fellow bloggers, visitors for the immense encouragement and support in making me what I am today :)

If any of you need any help in planning for your travel, or visiting any known place, or any photographic advise, do drop an email to me and I will surely communicate back.
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