Rafting - the feeling of being alive

Continuing the posts on ‘Alive is Awesome’, let me take you on a new set this time, a new journey, new adventures, new thrill, new excitement that left me gasping, an adventure that filled me with a breath of new life, confidence and increased my quest for more.

Rafting: Rafting is an adventurous, challenging outdoor water sports activity using a inflatable raft to negotiate a river or other water bodies with varying rapids.

When I first heard about an opportunity to go river rafting, I was pretty excited and equally scared, scared of the phobia of water, a feel of drowning every time I’m in a water body. Putting up a confident face in front of my friends to convince them to go rafting with me, all along I being nervous and timid. After certain years, the question still haunts me, why? What made you do it?

Probably now after seeing the series of ‘crazy’ adverts of Cinthol advocating the concept of ‘Alive is Awesome’, the answer is pretty much clear and the adverts showcase them in a brilliant manner.

Now you may still ask me why? I would just reply, to experience life, for extreme adventure, to feel the feeling of being alive, to do something different, for the thrill, for an awesome experience, to survive, to pacify your crazy adventure gene, to live, to get over the phobia, to quiver ‘alive is awesome’.

On board the raft with a nervous feel and more nervous friends for company, with the heart rate soaring each passing second, following the instructions of the guide, the raft moves ahead slowly amidst placid waters, flowing wide and silent, life around me comes to a standstill when I hear “Guys, Jump off the raft now!!!”

2 minutes of silence…!!!

Now death sounds imminent when I next hear the words “Jump now or be thrown!!!”

With closed eyes and shivering souls, the next moment all that I hear is a loud splash (my heavenly body falling into the water) and blank…blank…

The life jacket propels me up and I rise to keep my neck afloat, a sigh of relief engulfs me, the shivering souls calm down, my senses make a slow comeback, the joy of being alive erupts and I quiver deep inside with the shrillest of voices “Alive is Awesome” and then its fun, gala, joy and happiness :)

Rafting not only helps you as an individual, it helps you grow team skills, to work in tandem with the others, with efficiency, co-ordination, trust and the joy of togetherness.

I would love to recommend these new Alive is Awesome video’s of Cinthol to be seen, felt and lived.

1. The Deep Cave Bath - here
2. The Elephant Bath - here


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