Unknown falls: for that awesome adventure

Place: Unknown falls
Located deep in the Western Ghats, near Yellapur town, Karnataka

(lovely inviting streams...photo by the author)

It’s quite common for people to visit known locations and famous tourist spots, but how common is it to go to an unexplored place, deep in the jungle, miles away from civilization, on the quest of an unknown falls, for that thrilling adventure, to explore the uncharted territories, to unravel the hidden secrets, for that alive is awesome epic!

(off we go for those awesome moments, photo by the author)

On our adventurous visit to a remote hamlet deep in the Western Ghats, after a mammoth river crossing and trekking through the jungles in the night, we reached the remote hamlet Shivapura with barely few settlements here and there and their plantations and fields in between. Almost an island surrounded by water on 3 sides and delicate connectivity on the 4th primarily as the hamlet being in the backwaters of a major dam nearby.

(enjoying the cherished moment, photo by the author)

We had a local guy who would be our guide in the quest to the unknown falls. Rains had just stopped and the lush green cover all around made us nostalgic and with no vehicles at all, it was ‘pure’ air that we were inhaling that tickled our senses too. The trek was a fairly long one as we crossed multiple streams, made our way through dense forests, being bitten by numerous blood sucking leeches, chartering through the rocky terrain, climbing uphill and sliding downhill, treading on non-existent paths in many places, a real adventure in real life.

(A flip-flop somersault dive, photo by the author)

As we reached the falls after all the adventure in getting there, we were greeted by crystal clear cold water and the sun lashing out in full glow but the breeze being still pleasant. The real adventure had just begun, a few somersaults, dives, flip-flops, thrills of energetic activities and all the fatigue and tiredness was washed away and the pure natural spring infusing us with freshness and loads of energy, a real alive is awesome moment to cherish. Sitting under the falls, the cool water engulfing you all over, those slippery rocks and sudden shivers, with a no-care attitude in the world, with the only idea of ‘living the moment’, with friends to share and friends to live for, life couldn’t be more adventurous, more bliss, more awesome, surely alive is awesome. The thrills of adventure bathing filled us with life and laughter and what better way than not to 'live' the alive is awesome moments with your friends :)


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