Alive is Awesome - A new concept

Alive is Awesome

When I first heard those words, I could directly relate to them; alive and awesome are part of our adventures and I know personally what ‘alive’ means to be and what that ‘awesome’ feeling is…

Ah! Now to the topic why am I suddenly writing about alive, awesome that is a daily part of my adventures. If you are curious to know more, see the below videos and subsequently my first impressions of them. The videos are based on a new concept of ‘Alive is Awesome’ bathing experience from one of the leading FMCG brands in the market.

Whenever we are out on any adventure, a flowing rivulet or a jaw dropping waterfall or those little beautiful hidden streams invite us no end to have a dip, an adventure bath in the midst of nowhere, in short we too exclaim Alive is Awesome!

1. The Waterfall Bath

Exhilarating – the location – Skogafoss waterfalls in the Iceland and when I say Iceland, you can imagine how the temperatures would be…! The poetic lines are an added attraction here –
"When I feel the thrill of water spraying and the chill, I feel awesome."

The entire ad carries the spirit of Alive is Awesome very well.

2. The Village Bath

“When I’m splashing about, and I just want to shout, I feel awesome.”
A unique way of an adventure bath in front of an entire village with their eyes peeled on you. Never knew this kind of a tribal bath ritual existed.

Nice, Innovative and captures extreme adventures that carrier the spirit of ‘Alive of Awesome’ right through.

Wait – there are more to come :)


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