Meenmutty waterfalls

Going through the new set of ‘Alive is Awesome’ concept ads on the Television and the Internet, I’m overwhelmed with a sense of déjà vu as fond memories of our similar experiences are bought alive again, true blue moments of adventure, craziness, excitement and friendship.

I will post a series of such ‘Alive is Awesome’ real life bathing adventures that would enable you to decipher the déjà vu feeling I’m going through.

Enjoy and have a blast :)

On an unexpected detour to a less visited waterfall nestled in Kerala,
traversing on a foot track that never existed;
negotiating slippery slides and withstanding numerous bruises that we took;
with no souls around and in midst of lush green forest;
with the sun rapidly going down and the winter chillness setting in;
only sounds but no signs of any waterfall nearby and the never ending downhill climb;
meeting a lone group advising us to backtrack;
fearful minds and wanting hearts;
all for the desire of been there-done that;
all for that adventure gene hyperactive in our self;
all for that sense of déjà vu that is just ‘priceless’.

Finally after negotiating all hurdles and the steep downhill climb, a valley view with a pristine virgin waterfall appears in sight out of nowhere offering itself in complete to you with no other souls around to be seen or heard, the only company you have is the roar of the intimidating falls and the distant music churned out by the birds around.

Haunting us the familiar question in a familiar situation: We plunge in or not?

The adventure gene is back in action and in an instant we are in the crystal clear, cool waters wading away to glory splashing around every ounce of water we can. As we near the thundering shower (where the water jettisons upon you with a thundering roar from the top), the heartbeat pumps up, unable to open the eyes, hands held together and with loud shrieks we take the plunge below the drop, we are jettisoned with water that seems being pumped out of a canon, we are lost in the moment…, we take a while to be back, to feel the aura of alive is awesome, we live to tell the tale, we live to say ‘Alive is Awesome’.

(Photograph by the author)

Just before departing, standing in the cool waters, all drenched and after the alive is awesome moments, with the cool breeze hitting you hard, we look back in awe at the intimidating falls that keeps on plunging, that brings a smile upon you, that makes you evoke, that was a Alive is Awesome bathing experience we had, a natural pressure bath that makes you feel lighter, better and happier.

Location: Meenmutty waterfalls, Wayanad, Kerala, India.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, I will be back with more such moments…, in the meanwhile have a look at this Alive is Awesome waterfall bathing video here.