Mar 6, 2017

Aero India 2017 - Aero Show

A few years back or a few editions back, when I first visited the Aero show held in Bengaluru, I was enthralled no end and those mean machines launching up and their acrobatic displays left me pleasantly impressed. The impact of a MIG or the Sukhoi or the F16 whizzing above you with deafening sound would leave many a lot covering their ears or just allow you to gasp at them in awe.

This event that unfolds in Bengaluru at the Air Force Station, Yelahanka once in two years draws huge crowds and the traffic management is a chaos every time with no solution in sight however best the authorities plan in advance and execute. This is one kind of an event where you can get up and close with those wonder machines that you always see up above in the horizon vanishing even before you have a proper look at it. Also to say, you get a peek sneak into the capabilities of various countries and the aerospace technologies that is on offer inviting potential customers to their stands.

I'm yet to get a chance to visit the stalls but the crowds, traffic and chaos has kept me away and I rather chose to sneak in early to watch the displays and sneak out before the traffic goes haywire.

Few tips (for future planners) from me before I share some pictures from there...
If you intend to visit the stalls as well as watch the airshow:-
i. Leave early and reach the venue early. This year you could collect your tickets beforehand that I realized made it more easier avoiding the queues at the counter to collect tickets
ii. Carry a hat, sunshades, plenty of water, camera with sufficient batteries/cards and a sunscreen lotion if you prefer to use them to avoid getting sunburnt and water to keep you hydrated during the hot day. If with family, carry a picnic mat, huge umbrella to help yourself sit under its shade while enjoying the air display
iii. Adequate food counters were set up this dishing out variety of food. Be responsible and dispose the trash in the designated places. Unwanted thrash can attract birds that can affect the air show
iv. the air show display area where the general visiting crowd stands is an open area and people tend to dispose leftover wrappers, plastic bottles, etc etc everywhere that is not a good sign. This inspite of having plenty of bins and designated places to dump the trash. We never learn, do we!
v. Leave the venue just before the event ends to escape the traffic and the subsequent pile up of vehicles
vi. Look up the timings for the bus services that would be put up for this event and use them if you can. I failed to figure out their timings and ended up commuting in my car
vi. All people can watch the air show from kids to elders. Just have some preparation and enjoy the event

I personally, reached early and left just a bit early and escaped getting caught in the traffic snarls.

Next time around if it happens in Bengaluru, I plant to visit the stalls and also watch the air displays. Hoping!

The Yakolevs Aerobatic display team from UK enthralled the crowds

The US Lockheed Martin F 16 enthralling the crowds with a maneuver

The Swedish Air Force Saab Grippen 262 in full throttle

Our very own 'Suryakirans' displaying some formations

The Indian and the US para-jumpers had a live display for the crowd jumping of their aircrafts and landing amidst heavy cheers

The stealthy US Air force's C-17 Globemaster had a short take-off and landing displaying its capabilities

The agile warhorse - Sukhoi - Su30MkI of the IAF

more displays from the Yakovlevs enthralled the crowds

Our pride - LCA 'Tejas' showcased its flying capabilities amidst the loudest cheers

 The French Dasault Rafale 4-FF firing up the skies

The best of the lot was from the Skycat Wingwalkers -Scandinavian airshow aerobatics team that had the crowd hooting for more

Until the next event...Ciao! #Aeroindia #Aeroindia2017