Awesome waterfall bath destinations – Coorg and Kudremukh

Place: Scotland of India – Coorg
Irpu / Irupu falls

Well, nestled in the pristine Western Ghats of Karnataka and home to some rich evergreen forests and an amazing climate, rich in biodiversity – be it summer, winter or the monsoon, the land of aromatic coffee and the estates, the birthplace of river Kaveri, the terrain of undulating mountain peaks, the land of shola forests and barren hillocks, the land of mesmerizing greenery, the land of the beautiful Kodava tribes, the land of warriors and the place not to be missed is Coorg. Coorg is home to some of the finest waterfalls located amidst thick jungles and some of them thrive round the year and some prosper particularly during the monsoons.

(Photograph by the author)

On one such casual visit to Coorg, we happened to visit the Irpu falls after obtaining permissions from the forest department as it’s located in a wildlife sanctuary. There was dew in the air and chillness in the breeze as we made our way on the moss infested concrete steps laid out for easier access to the falls. Songs of the birds and the roars of the river were the only sounds we could hear as we moved on feasting upon the rich green covered hillocks in the surroundings that we could see. Irpu looked ravishing from the viewpoint and as we moved ahead, we reached a place much closer where actually the little pellets of water were splashing on to us. Getting drenched slowly by those numerous little pellets, we needed no further invitation to get in right away and within minutes the ice cold water had us soaked and chilled our spines with no mercy and all that we could hear was the continuous chattering of our teeth. Slowly as we moved towards the base of the majestic falls, the thundering splash made us quiver for an instant but later turned out to be a awesome massage relieving us of all the fatigue and filling us with some energy and loads of freshness, we went in tired and came out quivering with freshness and joy, a true blue alive is awesome bathing moment.

Place: Kudremukha, Karnataka
Hanumangundi falls

(Photograph by the author)

Kudremukha is a well known tourist destination located in the lap of Western Ghats in Karnataka, an earlier iron-ore mining area now rich with wildlife after the mining has ceased. It’s a major trekking destination and home to thick dense forests making its terrain pretty difficult to navigate. Kudremukha shines in the finest of glory when it rains and sends shivers down your spine in the winters and attracts huge crowds to its folds and not to the mention it has a lot of hidden treasures in the form of streams, valleys and waterfalls. Hanumangundi falls is pretty well known and visited by many people and easily accessible. The water here is bone-chilling and a dip refreshes the senses no end and a shower beneath the thundering falls makes you forget your pain and misery and fills you up with enthusiasm, freshness and life, its an testimony for being an alive is awesome moment.
(Video by the author)

Both the above mentioned falls have similar characteristics and makes you forget your pain, fatigue and fills you with freshness and life. You may ask why?
Let me tell you both of the river sources originate in dense forests and travels through untouched, pristine nature filling themselves with rich mineral properties and are pretty much clean and thankfully away from pollution. The pain and fatigue that we carry along are removed when the thundering falls roar upon you cleaning you with the pristine crystal clear waters rich in minerals and natural elements and in the process filling you with freshness and energy making you cherish those alive is awesome moments for a lifetime.

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