Sunday, October 14, 2012

Neelkanth Peak, Badrinath

Last time about 7 years ago, when I had been to Badrinath temple town, I was mystified with the temple, himalayas and the deity and the tales, internet was still in its infancy then and I had completely missed getting information about this peak.

This post by Arti of MYD last year made me sit and take notice of what I had missed

Instantly, I had decided that I would not miss it on my next sojourn to Badinath and I didn't when I went there again this year :)

Neelkant or Neelakanta or Nilkanth or Neelkanth peak is a major peak in the Garhwal Himalayas and towers to a height of 3474m (11398 ft) above the holy town of Badrinath. What's amazing here is that the peak is the first one to get the rays of the rising sun on it and thereafter slowly it expands across the horizon. In those few moments, the peak is covered with golden light and is a treat not to be missed.

I was running and up there by 5:05am but alas, I was still late by probably 15-20 minutes; still I got to see a glimpse of it before the entire horizon was covered in sunlight.

I will speak no further and let you see it through the pictures... enjoy :)

If you ever go there, don't miss it...!
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