Kutch special - Black Francolin

Gujarat Diaries so far...

As I mentioned in the last post, one of the birds that made me exclaim 'wow' was the Black Francolin, a medium sized ground bird belonging to the partridge family. It's stunning pitch black coat with petals of gold, white and a beautiful red collar made me gaze at it for a long time. To start off with, it was reluctant to show itself hiding behind the bushes and only giving me glimpses of its beautiful self.

Patience pays, and soon it was out in the open in the early morning sunlight glowing in all its might. The fine detailed patterns on its body, the various colours it wore took my breath away.

Indeed 'Black is Beautiful!'

Have a look at it yourself and enjoy the beauty on offer :)

(the above individuals seen is a male and in most of the avians, the male is prettier of the two)

hold on... more to be unleashed...!