Gujarat Diaries - Kutch magic continues...

Gujarat Diaries so far...

My modus operandi was very simple during my stay at CEDO, be on the field. We used to wander out with packed breakfast, indulge in some hectic birding activity either at Naliya grasslands or at Banni grasslands or at the thorn scrub lands or other birding places and then head back home for lunch prepared by a local household and then after a gap of an hour back to the field with some packed tea/snacks to return only after the sun goes down. Post that, some chatting in the cold, hot dinner and then much needed 'sleep'.

All through, it was pretty cold much more than LRK and being at the fag end of my tour, all the fatigue was slightly showing up and I had difficulty in waking up early and more felt like being asleep under the comfortable cushions. Yet, braving all odds, I was busy when in the field looking all around for birds and would generally end up seeing many.

The Sandgrouses, and the Francolins took my breath away with their brilliant colours and patterns that may lead any non-interested person to give a second look at them while the Wheatears and the larks had me in a toss in identifying them correctly.

Below are some more from the land of Kutch, have a look and enjoy the show!

Globally Threatened species... one of the highlight species from Kutch

Globally Threatened species and very skittish... another highlight from Kutch

widespread winter visitor, but again a Globally Threatened species

more to follow...