Jun 4, 2013

Umbalagundi falls

Most of the people you would know who love traveling are either the 'single men' or the 'solo women' and its generally said, the freedom is lost after marriage and all the extra-curricular activities come to a halt!

Exceptionally, here is a couple who both love traveling and the amount of exploration they have done is immense, I would repeat immense and the content on their blog is priceless.

Here is the famous couple, Dheeraj Shenoy and Amrutha, rather known in the blogosphere world as Teamgsquare and they blog here at http://teamgsquare.blogspot.com

In a simplistic manner, they say "We generally started traveling, to spend our Sundays more efficiently and make it enjoyable . At that point (14th April 2009) ,we never imagined we would be traveling so many places." - this speaks the volume of travel they have undertaken in the last few years.

Read on for their post on a relatively unknown falls, Umbalagundi in Madikeri...

the hidden view...

Summer Spa-Umbalagundi Falls

The winding roads of Madikeri are always a pleasure to drive, anytime of the year and are always full of surprises. One of our old road trips led us to a beautiful waterfall, hidden amidst the green dense cover by the road side. Since it was summer this time, we expected less or no water at all at the falls. But to our surprise, when we stopped by to peep in to check the water level, it did not disappoint us! A trek down, about 30 feet takes us to the downstream of the waterfall. A short walk along the stream leads us to the water fall.

the starting point of descent...

The flow was average, which gave us a chance to explore the waterfall further. As we walked closer to the falls, we found a possible way to trek up and move on to the upstream side of the falls. After a few minutes, we were quite happy and excited to have reached the next tier!

closer look at the lowermost tier...

The view was mesmerizing, which made us more curious to explore further. A few steps ahead, we could see the next tier of the waterfall. We had to cross the stream in order to reach this tier and since we also found a great place to actually experience the force of the waterfall, we safely reached the rock over which the water fell with great force.

the second tier...

Slowly and carefully watching every step we took, we reached the slippery rock, sitting on which we enjoyed the water fall. It was an amazing feel especially during the summer!!!

the upper tier... summer spa

As we had time constraint, we had to end our exploration and return. An additional surprise while returning was the presence of a big fig tree which had borne fruit and the taste of it was delicious. It was Nature at its best.

the great wild Fig...

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