Jun 1, 2013

A new day, A new beginning...

Next up is a very famous blogger from Mumbai who has 500+ bloggers following her and who is quite popular with Indian as well as overseas readers and is surely one of the top and most popular travel blogs in India and my favorite too. She wins accolades and awards at the drop of a hot and is often out on a all-expense paid holiday.

Often people maintain a diary that has all their hearts and souls written and is kept private, but here is one diary that is specifically written for the reader and the reader is as well part of every yatra undertaken...

Delighted to have Arti, the person behind http://myyatradiary.com feature on my blog and by the way Arti is a spiritual blogger and loves traveling to spiritual destinations and take us along by scripting it on her blog in detail.

Here is a special post from MYD to Huchchara Santhe, take a look...

The sky is dull and listless, like a beautiful sketch in bluish gray. The sun is no where to be seen, hiding behind a misty cloud cover with its colorful box of crayons. 15 minutes have already passed by; the day has cracked but...

Where is He?

Will come out’ a few locals in their jogging trail assure bringing me out of my reverie of disappointment. Eagerly, I stand still, my eyes fixed towards the sky. The early morning air is crisp and brusque, and the beach idyllic displaying all signifiers of a worldly paradise: a quaint, densely wooded coconut plantations looming besides a deep salty sea, forested mynahs high up in the canopy chattering away until hushed by the wild melody of a roaring surge of the ocean.

'When' is my only question?

As if in response, an early morning zephyr blows gently across the water causing the elements in the picture to swing and dance. The leaves start rustling and…

...the skies get a touch of life.

I see Him, finally: A massive blob of red; peeping coyly from behind a cloudy curtain and endless coconut trees. Even though, the day has broken long back I cant help but get overwhelmed.

Partly shrouded, partly visible:
The play of the sun is a stunning sight to behold.

Standing still in the morning light of the silent beach side, my spirits soar each time, every moment I see it blossom and bloom one more inch out of its shell. Flashes of soft lightning diffuse over hazy skies and browny blue, surreality still expanses of water. The rising of the sun has caused the setting in the sky to look like a mini carnival.

Fully bathed in new found hopes and pristine purity, I close my eyes and say a silent prayer.

This energy will carry me through the chaos of the day… and beyond.

A new day has arrived, a new chapter begun… I have to move on… I have to continue my expeditions in this mad world…

Huchchara Santhe: The journey … shall, continue.

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