Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wild moments - from Goa!

Sure to say you would have enjoyed the earlier posts from the wild Goa excursion. If you have missed, check out these posts from the link here.

The Pyjama Frog and the Snake:
On one of our trails, Ramesh Zarmekar pointed out to something very interesting and exciting for all of us, a carpet of macro flowers perfect for Parimala and Gireesh to get involved with their macro lenses. Deepa was behind every living form and I, from the last was the opportunistic person looking, strolling and taking in the fresh air after a nice steady downpour.

Sooner, Ramesh called us to show the big battle on, a pretty long, slender Green Vine Snake had caught hold of an Frog (I would call it the Pyjama Frog because of complete white under belly) and by the time we reached, the Frog was a dead duck and the snake was finding a place to relax and swallow its breakfast, a heavy one to say.

It was amazing to see how the snake with the frog in its mouth was moving inside the bush without any support upwards vertically, amazed to see and know the weight it could carry (it could be easily said, the frog weighed much more than the slender built snake).

It was to an extent not happy to see 5-6 curious people surrounding the bush peeping to witness the moments and photographing them and so probably it decided to move from the bottom to the top that was visibly out of our eyesight reach and between thick foliage. Soon, our excitement calmed down and we were only witness to the happenings as the snake slowly made its way up with its breakfast.

As it reached the top, we left the place to leave the predator in peace to have its prey without further disturbances.

The Assassin Bug:
Some moths are nocturnal and prefer to spend the day time roosting on walls and this is taken as an advantage by their predators who are in search of food. The moth below was roosting happily as any other day and probably never realized it would well be its final day as this 'assassin bug' came over chasing a cockroach but instead found this resting moth as its prey for the day, the lucky cockroach survived and the moth was not to be so lucky.

Our Guru-G, Karthikeyan explained how these assassin bugs sting their prey to make them immobile and then suck out the entire mass from within the prey and rightly so they are named as 'assassins'.

What wonders, nature have in store for us, we just need to open up our eyes and observe!
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