The Stopover – Initial Review of a Photo Fiction book

Note: This is only my initial views on the sample pages I got of the book 'The Stopover - a Photo Fiction Book' authored by Ram Prakash and Deepa Pinto.

My first impression of the excerpts from the book that I read: Captivating!

I got to read sample pages from one of the stories from the book – ‘The Tibetan Wheel of Wisdom’

I liked the intensity of the stories woven, the effortless shift between Varun's personal life to the charming Ladakh valley to their lifestyle and to the life and story of Tenzin's family and his grandfather from Tibet! The narration is spot on and the ease with which the story shifts from one to another is very laudable indeed. It simply captivates you and you are transferred to that era.

I could not stop reading and the pictures in between relate to the story and makes complete sense. (I just thought you could have used bigger photos everywhere and probably a couple of the Tibetan settlement and Tenzin's home as such. The photos from the fair are small and feel like cut off in between). Still the photos narrate a story by themselves and are intriguing enough to make the reader stop and take notice.

I didn't like the small cover photo (page 1 in pdf) and the enlarged one in page 2 (looks asymmetrical and unnatural). I wish I could have got the entire book to read and post the complete review.

All in all a brilliant effort!

A must read for the travelers, photographers and fiction writers alike. An varied collection of intriguing, captivating and mesmerizing tales from Tibet to Channapatna to Ooty to Kolathur.

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