Friday, July 27, 2012

Ganeshgudi - Photo FeatureIV

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Along with the Indian Pitta, another bird that held my fascination was the Blue-capped Rock Thrush. It startled me when I spotted it on the ground foraging something and I had to go down in weird positions to get some good shots of this.
One of the adaptive features of this beauty is that as soon as it senses movement or feels threatened, it freezes wherever it is - in a sense, you can say it doesn't fly away anytime soon and allows you to get close to it. It flies away only when it feels the proximity distance is too close for comfort.

It feeds on insects on the ground, often seen foraging for those little locusts, ants, grasshoppers, beetles and worms in the mud.

The male is brightly colored with Orange and shades of Blue, Black and White on it while the female is slightly dull colored with Greyish coating.

Enjoy maadi :)
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