An afternoon with the bloggers

Since I steeped in to the blogging community, I have had no chance to neither meet any blogger nor attend any blogger meets and the meet this time was an informal one just between the members of our group The Bengaluru Bloggers’ Bistro created for the IBL. Well, the event was just an excuse to meet up and I’m glad I did it. Got to meet interesting people who are all experts in their own domain and the exchange of thoughts and ideas was a fair deal, more importantly got to know a lot of new people personally.


and myself…

Venue: NGV Club, National Games Village, Bangalore
1st July 2012, 02-05pm hosted by Sibichen Mathew

Lots of information gained, exchanged and in a way you can say ‘a little enlightenment’ and its great to know how people are still passionate about their passion and hope their passion remains as it is.

Got a lot of gyan from the master Gyanban (well, he got this nickname from his workplace) on what he writes, how he writes and well almost everything. Harsha was curious to meet The Fool and we got an insight on how the ‘devil’s workshop’ runs; he’s a multi-tasker. Instantly all of us were pretty envious of Harsha’s job (he watches movies day in and out) and as he rightly said, boredom sets in once you are doing the same job repeatedly. An unknown fact about passionate poet Leo was that he started writing at the age of 9 (well, he’s gifted) and he says ‘I’ll die if I stop writing’; how many of us can have that kind of a passion! Tina, again is a multi-tasker fiddling with cooking, 55 fiction , short stories and anything that interests her. Sibichen, was the only government employee among the group who shared info about his work and his work on fiction, reviews, stories and stuff he writes about.

Some people write only because they want to write, no to please anyone or to meet anybody’s expectations. You write because you want to write and that’s when your creativity, your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas take a shape of a story, a photo, a fiction in the way you want, the way it should be…!

Happy Blogging!


  1. Nice to know Namma Bengaluru team...Wish you success...My support is for Bengaluru Bloggers :-)

    1. thank you Ranjana... we sure will rock the show :)
      you have got a wonderful blog, I loved crafts till I was in school :)

  2. Thats good !.. Infact I have never met any of them

    You have rightly said.. passion is something which doesnt need laurels!

    'ಹಾಡೋ ಹಕ್ಕಿಗೆ ಬೇಕೆ ಬಿರುದು ಸನ್ಮಾನ '

    1. thumba thanks Deepu, Let me know if you people can join, will invite you the next time we all meet :)


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