Sunday, May 20, 2012

Waterfalls In Karnataka IV

Part 4 of the series...

VII. Hidlumane falls (Shivamogga district):

Hidlumane falls is a ‘cascading’ falls nestled deep in the Western Ghats and only accessible by walk. Jeeps take you till a certain point and from there you have to stretch to reach the falls. The falls occur in 4-5 cascades and you need to climb over the cascades to reach the main falls. If you continue trekking above the falls, a trek path leads you directly to the Kodachadri peak.

Reach: 4kms from Bellakka village .and 45 km from Hosanagar town take you to Hidlumane falls. About 3kms from Nittur, you reach a place called Marakutaka. From there Hidlumane falls is about 6-7kms walk on the jeep track.

Season: After monsoons are the best time to visit while monsoons are infested with leeches everywhere.

VIII. Hanumangundi falls (Chikmagalur district):

Hanumangundi falls or Suthanabbe falls is located in the evergreen forests of the Kudremukh National Park in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. The water falls from a height of 22m creating a wonderful view. As it is located close to the main road, the place is never short of visitors and picnickers.

Reach: About 350kms from Bangalore
Bangalore-Kunigal-Hassan-Mudigere-Kalasa-Kudremukh. About 10kms from the KIOCL township.

Season: All around the year and the icy cold waters never disappoint you.

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