Hesaraghatta Grassland - Some PostcardsI

Hesaraghatta grasslands in Bangalore are always a treat during the winter months specifically as its famous for the visiting raptors from all across the world and from the north too. Kestrels, Harriers, Falcons, Chats, Pipits, Larks and it also supports a whole variety of resident species too.

Presenting some of my takes from the wonderful place.

Unfortunately, the lone surviving grassland in the near vicinity of bangalore is in threat of losing its identity and birds as the government has other ideas for its beautification and promoting it as a tourist spot.

I would request you to lend your support against this by signing this petition here -


  1. Wonderful postcards from a wonderful place by a wonderful photographer! :)

  2. It is so amazing and good...

  3. Superb Pics Santhosh. I've signed the petition long back. But how to take the issue and the petition forward? Who does that? Who looks into it? Who takes actions?

  4. Good one...

  5. thank you Raj, Gautam, Arti, Gurgaonflowerplaza, trektraveltadka and Shanky

    @trektraveltadka - If you have registered, you would have got a mail on the progress of the petition.

  6. amazing birds:d.....wow clicks!

  7. Hello jungle man. :-)
    Awesome clicks.

    I don't understand why the govt. thinks that everything should be converted into a tourist spot. Keep promoting nature, it'll bring fruits.

    Nisha - Le Monde-A Poetic Travail

  8. thank you Geeta and thanks a lot Nisha :)
    hopefully your words come true, hopefully :)


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