A year ends and a year begins...

31st December 2011
I'm not a party animal and I do not follow any 'dancing into the new year' stuff. Being a weekend, I wanted to end the year doing what I love to do the most, off I went on a nature and bird watching trail along with Deepa, Vaibhav and the super spotter Deepu to Bannerghatta National Park.
We don't enter the park premises nor go to the 'safari joy crowded tamasha rides', rather we move around the park, near the pond, quarry, behind the parking lot, behind jlr campus and we get to see good amount of birds in their natural habitats here. Also mammals from the Herbivore safari area are visible on the fringes as do wild elephants sometimes that come in search of partners (domesticated elephants).
Overcast conditions was not very helpful, but still we saw more than 40 species of birds that day and sighting the Pied, Common and WB Kingfishers all in one place excited me no end.

01 January 2012
Similar thoughts as previous day and being a Sunday, I wanted to start off the year birding and off I went straight from the bed to my backyard, Madiwala lake armed with my binocs and my cameras.

An eventful session and an wonderful start to 2012...
I have nothing much to write and will let the pictures do the talking... Enjoy :)



  1. Wow! A very gentle way to start the new year..Keep clicking..

  2. Very nice pictures santosa

  3. Nice images.


  4. thank you Arun, Dhiraj, Raja, Niranjan & Chandrashekar

  5. What a beautiful way to kick in the new year! Wonderful captures all!

  6. some lovely images....really beautiful birds you have captured...


  7. Hello, awesome pics. I've been visiting your blog since sometime now. Blogrolling you on my new blog.

  8. Lovely pics, and a lovely way to start the new year. May the new year be full of good trips and good spotting.

  9. thank you Arti, Sushmita, Subhorup, Sunil and thank you traveltadka!

  10. great work..loved all of them, waiting for more.

  11. thank you picturebite and Shouvik...


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