Calendar 2012

From the last 2 years, I have been making desktop calendars from the images I take mostly for my friends, family and few other people who encourage me to do so...

I try to assign a theme and prepare the calendar on that theme every year, the 1st year was more of nature in general, the last year's theme was birds and this year its birds and wildlife.

This year, I took the help of information from this site in designing my own calendar templates so that I could just go to the printer and place the order.

here it the site that helped me - GrafX-Design.

My printers are Print express located on Richmond road, Bangalore-25. They have set templates for calendars and cost effective too, customization is an option if you need.

Finally, thanks to all individuals who have been supportive enough and helping me improve my photographic skills and special thanks to my team who 'put up' with me and my equipment's in the field.

February and March month sample images

If any of you need a copy, just send drop me a note either as an email or comment :)


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