Butterfiles from Kodagu (Coorg) I

Butterflies were all around the place we visited (I still do remember seeing lot of them on our last trek to Tadiandamol here, couple of years back). Then it was just a fascination seeing so many of them around and with glorious colors and patterns and I was just into photography then.

Now and after the NTP, I love butterflies for many reasons, they are super active with loads of energy, always busy moving around, leave a mark in a short span of time, colorful and are pleasing on the eyes and you are kept active once you start chasing them because of all the running you have to do :D

Check out a few of them listed below, will add more details about each of them as I find time and more than a couple of posts to be composed are waiting due to lack of time :)

Gray Pansy Butterfly
The Gray Pansy (Junonia atlites) is a species of nymphalid butterfly found in South Asia. The least common pansy in India, found at low elevations in regions of heavy rainfall. It’s frequently seen in paddy fields, seldom in jungles and never in dry areas. Visits flowers of various plants.

Blue Tiger Butterfly
The Blue Tiger (Tirumala limniace) is a butterfly found in India that belongs to the Crows and Tigers, that is, the Danaid group of the Brush-footed butterflies’ family. The butterfly larva generally feed on plants of Family Asclepiadaceae (milkweeds, rattle pods, etc..). This species migrates extensively during the Monsoons in southern India.

Gladeye Bushbrown Butterfly
The Gladeye Bushbrown (Mycalesis patnia) is a satyrid butterfly found in southern India and Sri Lanka. A common butterfly in the tropical and subtropical evergreen forests and the bamboo forests. Files close to the gourd and the weakest flier of the genus. Visits fallen berries, fruits and sugary sap.

Common Hedge Blue Butterfly
The Common Hedge Blue (Acytolepis puspa) is a small butterfly that belongs to the Lycaenids or Blues family. The Common Hedge Blue is usually found flying along brightly sunlit footpaths along forest tracks. It flies in an erratic manner and males are usually observed feeding on damp patches on the forest floor. Males are a shining blue above and this can be noticed when the butterfly is in flight.


  1. They are beautiful. Loved the second shot, must have been tough to capture that shot. Waiting for more:)

  2. The intricacies in small creatures, amazing captures!!

  3. Lovely ones , we too love butterflies .

  4. Love the last picture. The blur in the background is enhancing the beautiful texture of the butterfly and adding a dreamy feel...

  5. Dont know whats more beautiful in the first pic, the butterfly or the brown curled up leaf in the background!!!
    Amazing photography:)

  6. Stunning captures ... lovely!

  7. thank you all :)
    It sure is an wonderful treat to watch these lovely colors flying around...

  8. nice pics... just a suggestion, you can try to pump up the vibrancy / saturation to make it more lively... I don't think you uses photoshop on these pics..Rishi

  9. The last photo, my god :O
    you have a really sharp eye :)
    Plus, you gave the info of the species of butterflies, it really was a treat, especially since I'm a biology student of standard twelve :)

    If you had a few minutes, could you read a post of mine, and if you like it, give it a vote? I'd be really really thankful, it'd mean a lot :)


  10. BTW, what does Huchchara Santhe mean? :)

  11. thanks Rishi, well I've done a little bit of PP but not much, will try out your suggestion sure:)

    thanks Achyuth!
    glad that it helped you and you have a good blog too... I never wrote in my XII std except for those boring lectures and exams :)

    and the name means nothing actually, its just for the bunch of my gang who freak out every time we get a chance, taking the less travelled path!


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