Rajasthan Birding - Jorbeed, Chhapar

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Early next day, we were off to one of the most anticipated places on our list – a dumping yard! Yes. Jorbeed is a carcass dumping yard where carcass is treated and dumped and where you get to see a huge diversity of birdlife. This small patch of land is probably where you will see the highes congregation of vultures of many kinds, all in one place. Diclonofenac literally had wiped out the vulutre population from India, but awareness and banning of the drug has seen the population of vulutres recover slowly, but the threat remains large as few species of vultures are still classified as critically endangered.

Northern Raven, Eurasian Griffon, Cinerous Vulture, Himalayan Griffon, Tawny, Steppe, Imperial Eagles and many other species. We just had plans for one session, but the Yellow-eyed Pigeons ensured we stay up till evening and thereby forcing us to halt at Bikaner for another night.

Our next place on the itinerary was Tal Chhapar sanctuary and to spend good 3-4 days birding in the small grassland area and surrounding places. But what turned out was exactly opposite as within a day or so, we realized, the migratory raptors were missing this time and bird activity was very low that we had to cut short our long stay at Chhapar. Yet, we did go scouting for birds all the time we were there and were rewarded with some good additions to our list and not to forget, the Blackbucks who are the mainstay of the grassland to remain as is even today surrounded by cultivations and human habitation. In real, Tal Chhapar sanctuary is a very small area being conserved for the rich diversity of wildlife it holds. We still managed to sight quite a handful of species like the Small Buttonquail, Black Francolin, Imperial Eagle, Booted Eagle, White-tailed Lapwing, Bar-headed Geese, Steppe Eagle, Water Pipit, Laggar Falcon, European Starling and many others yet this was way below what was expected from Chhapar.

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