Keep up the fresh air with ambi pur!

Well, I generally don’t do reviews but hell yeah, I need to tell how do I overcome that stinking odour of soiled clothes or shoes after coming back from a long travel or a trek (or, it could be me too…J)
  • Rains and outings go hand in hand for me and how welcomed are you coming back with a bag full of wet clothes with that smelly odour…?

  • Many a times, the socks get over utilized, i.e., remains unchanged for days and by the time I’m back they would have started crying and farting, smelling like shit… and my mom gives me that customary unkind stare as soon as the odour enters the house… well!

  • The rucksack holding all the items bears the brunt and is smeared with all kind of odour from the contents and more so especially if you have wet clothes and stinking shoes packed sometimes smells like a garbage bin with varieties of smell all packed in one bag.

Well, the above doesn’t mean I’m like this every time (hell no!) or come back stinking from where ever I go (I’m not smelly dude!)… but these do happen sometimes.

These are odours that I contribute to sometime but we also do come across many like…
  • A house full of visiting friends or families and that one sly person who farts unnoticed and the whole room stinks and then starts the infamous blame games… isn’t it :)

  • A heavy dose of garlic being prepared at the neighbor’s house or a food item with an aroma that you can’t stand… and they sneak their way into your house making you dizzy…

  • A very hot day blessed with power cuts and sweaty people… that’s a combination that you would want to run away from…

  • An unpleasant odour from somewhere hitting on your nostrils and you are just not able to locate the source, that finally reveals a dead rat in a secretive corner of your compound wall that had set you on a ‘find-that-smellysource’ mission.

I tried out the ‘Ambi Pur Air effects’, blossom and breeze air freshener that I got hold of recently. Not a regular user of any kind of bottled sprays and always put off by the mosquito repellant used, I was skeptical of using it till the first press of the nozzle.

The fragrance is light and not heavy (my nostrils are very sensitive to these artificial smells and starts crying immediately) and importantly not irritating.Back from Goa with a pair of wet, smelly clothes (well, I kept them to rot to test this…) and one use of the freshener instantly got rid of the smelly odour in the room from the wet clothes.

The bottle is sturdy and the nozzle and sprayer doesn’t feel cheap. I just read it’s imported from Thailand and well I would say, worth a try (especially for those who use a air freshener everyday).

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur