Agumbe Recap II

Read the earlier post here...

Agumbe is a 'macro' world and you get plenty of opportunities to see them and shoot them. Macro life forms are everywhere...literally right from the leeches that predate on you to the small insects, the colorful dragonflies and damselflies, beetles and bugs of various sizes, the moss dipped in showers gleaming in the occasional sunlight and not to forget the droplets that collect everywhere making it truly a magical place to wander in.

Here are a few frames that I've tried to capture from there... have a look through and do feel free to leave your comments :)

(ain't a beautiful pattern... nature is so beautiful even without life)

(wasp... maybe...!)

(a beetle ready for a meal...!)

(a damselfly... the differ from dragonflies by having closed wings)

(a nemesis for all :) 'Leech')

(Checkered Keelback snakes looking out for dinner...)

(a grasshopper soaked in rain...)

('beetle' 'leaf'...)

(orchid... not sure though!)

(a pretty, spiny caterpillar)

Await for another post to end the series from Agumbe!