#ZestUpYourLife with Zest and Adda in Goa

(at the registration desk at the Goa airport with Aravind)

Was pleasantly surprised when Harish from BlogAdda sent a mail asking if I was free on a certain weekend. Having missed attending the WIN ceremony, I was keen and jumped in not knowing what was it all about. Then came in all the news in bits and pieces that kept me excited of the real chance of driving a new vehicle, the Tata Zest. Thus, finally on 26th July, 50 top bloggers from various streams descended on Zuri resorts and colouring it literally white (Blogadda) and blue (Tata motors).

(it was all blue and white... Pic -self)

The staff from Adda were very warm and hospitable and patient enough to answer all of your questions and guide you through the entire event, a family of bloggers coming together. Special thanks to Ankita (the adda girl), Hari (the adda man), Anand and Preethi (the backbone) from BlogAdda and to the entire team of Tata Motors and for getting in Narain Karthikeyan to grace the occasion.

(Narain was there and the MC Miss Malini, Picture-web)

Zuri Resorts was a perfect place being an high end resort, we had all the space in the resort for the activities but the tiring part was moving around between the lobby and the rooms that was at the far end of the resort. Ok, without going in detail (I’m sure lot of others would be doing that…) let me put it in a photo-story format and keep it crisp & simple :)

(Ankita was honest in expressing here love... errr for us! Picture - self)
(an ice-breaker session)

(Ms Minari from Tata telling us about the vision and mission of this project)

(Mr Anand Kulkarni and the new benchmarks of Tata)

(the Adda family during a break -Anikta, Harish and Preethi, happy to be part of this family)

(Anand, from Adda with Nivedith and Aravind)

(we consumed the Social media too... :))

(the Revotron was impressive)

(the flagging off next day, we drove both the diesel and the petrol cars)

(Zest's were all around...ahead)

(... and behind)

(I enjoyed the cruise... and the AMT too...)

(pit stop posing... we had 2 stops one each drive, with Senthil)

(we were surely zest'ed up with 140Nm of torque gushing through...)

(back at Zuri, time for some live blogging action...)

(and some hogging (this was just a sample though!), desserts occupied most of my plate :))

(and catching up with some wonderful bloggers - Siddhartha, Stephen, Deepak and Keyur)

(and a lot of selfie's... here with Ankita, the adda girl)

(and the group photos...)

(before we were deported back from where we came :))