Best Travel blog

Some good news to all the readers :)

Won the best 'Travel' blog award at the recently held BlogAdda awards ceremony at Mumbai, #WIN14, the link here... Happy to see that the content is helping out people and efforts of keeping it running over the past 5 years is yielding results and recognition. Hope this journey goes on...

Definitely an occasion of joy and happiness and this being the first award of any kind the blog has been recognized with.

Credits definitely does go out to the blog readers, followers and friends who have been a constant source of encouragement and support and to each person who lets me know how useful they have found the information relayed here and also to the numerous silent visitors who do come, read and go.

Thanks to all who voted and supported! This is award is not only for the blog, its for all of us, time for some joyous celebration :)

more about BlogAdda here...
and all about the even #Win14 here.