Butterflies Part VI

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Apologies on not been able to continue the series on butterflies, will make an attempt henceforth to keep them coming...

This is a small attempt to lure people towards the fascinating world of butterflies.

Sahyadri Cruiser butterfly
The Cruiser (Vindula erota saloma) is a species of nymphalid butterfly found in South Asia. It appears in dry season as well as wet season forms, both distinct in nature. 3 subspecies are recorded from India specifically.

Common Rose Mormon butterfly
Apologies! The below is a Common Mormon butterfly and not Common Rose as described earlier. The Common Mormon mimics the Common Rose and that led to a confused Id'ing by me. It was of great help when Issac Kehmikar sir (the butterfly man himself) commented on the same. I stand corrected!

Please Identify the above butterfly as Common Mormon.

Dark Wanderer butterfly
The Dark Wanderer (Pareronia ceylanica) is a medium sized butterfly of the Family Pieridae, that is, the Yellows and Whites, which is found in South and South-east Asia.

Southern Birdwing butterfly
The Southern Birdwing (Troides minos) is a large and striking Swallowtail butterfly endemic to Peninsular India found only in the Western Ghats. With a wingspan of 140–190 mm, it is the largest butterfly found in India. Found up to 3000 feet in the Western Ghats. Found in diverse habitats from low-land evergreen forests near the coast to mixed deciduous forests, dry scrub and agricultural fields.

Wait for more fascinating ones :)
I refer http://www.ifoundbutterflies.org/ and Wikipedia for information about the butterflies.