Adventure – someday… anyday!

Adventure is something I would love to experience every time I step out, it may be a ride in the rain or a long drive or on a trek or in the jungle. Any day I would prefer such a life to the plain staid bench life that we are now used to or rather forced to…

I strongly believe adventures bring out your real characters and helps you gain determination, confidence, the hunger for more, self-belief, strength, that helps you refine your personality better and perhaps change your perception of how you view life.

Adventure sport is something I have tried and yet to try, well, how do you define adventure sports…? Adventure means different to different individuals, if you feel the adrenaline rush in a sport, that’s an adventure activity for you and so it goes.

Trekking, River Rafting, Riding, Jungle treks, Safari rides are some of the adventure activities I have plunged myself into and enjoyed too, what’s life without adventure?

Someday, I wish to, I hope to try out more of the adventure sports, activities that needs you to push your limits, test your skills and basically hone your skills for survival!

Being a nature fanatic, Scuba diving / Snorkeling is something right on top of my wish list waiting to explode unless I do it not only for the adventure part but also a reason to view the underwater life that amazes me no end. Another reason hidden below the main agenda is to get rid of the water phobia completely, not that I’m scared but just that not confident enough in water.

Bungee jumping is another sport that I wanted to do someday probably from a natural ridge rather than a artificial crane. The intent again is all for the adrenaline rush and also to test the limits. I just don’t know how it feels being thrown upside down, do you? And I don’t know how I would react too, yet I’m hoping to do this someday mustering all the courage I have got.

What actually pushed me into writing this post is the new ‘Adventurer Wanted’ campaign from Woodland, the outdoor brand that many of us are so familiar with (I can instantly recall the Woodpecker ad of Woodland). Just three people will be selected and will vie for the ‘Extreme Explorer’ post and 1 lucky explorer will be taken across continents pursuing challenges and exploring adventure destinations and trying out adventure sports, wow, sounds inviting…!

To be that ‘explorer’ and for more details, don’t waste more time and zap here right away :)