Travel needs

Traveling is a sine die element of my life and many a times, I’m stuck with the amount to carry and the various stuffs that I would need / not need. This is in fact a phobia that affects many a people and the thinking is that we would need everything and many a times end up carrying additional baggage.

1. Plan better – Plan before hand for the number of days of travel and relative to the type of place, decide on the number of dress wear that you would need.

2. Reduce - Shortlist your dress stuff and then further reduce them removing all those that you think might be necessary.

3. Baggage – Don’t make them so heavy that you may not be able to carry along, plan lighter. Toiletries – Again carry only that is required and nothing additional. I prefer to be very light on this and carry all items of travel versions, i.e., smaller ones that would last me for days. Additionally, I do not need to look all clean and bright; after all I’m on a vacation!

4. Gear – If you are a gadget freak, carry your gear enclosed in a proper designated bag/backpack to withstand the shocks / drops while traveling. Additional batteries / memory cards come handy.

5. Camera – Personally for me a good DSLR camera is really important because it helps me to remember those special moments and capture those moments to relive them in the future. If you do not have a good camera, you could always look for excellent deals on Amazon for DSLR cameras.

6. Shoes – If you are hiking, then a good shoe with ankle support is necessary to prevent ankle sprains and fractures. If into water activities, then a water proof light shoe would be required. For general travel, a good durable floater should work well. Always plan accordingly. I personally rely on Woodland / Decathlon / Bata products.

7. Accessories – Watches, belts, jackets, caps, sunglasses and additional stuff as required.

I always prefer to travel light and often reuse the stuff I carry. I’m usually seen with my backpacks or soft trolleys if driving / riding around.

Always travel light, travel safe.