A Bloggers journey…

Well, I started this blog way back in 2008 and the primary intention was to ‘share’ my experiences, knowledge and showcase my journeys to the readers and to help them plan many such endeavors.

I’m a traveler at heart and still enjoy traveling at the knock of an opportunity. The blog kicked off with some of my travel articles from the past that I wrote based on my memory and what I could recollect. After few busy months, there appeared to be a jetlag when I was in a trance and sure of what to write (well, this happens to everybody), but in an effort to sustain the enthusiasm, I was waiting for any weekend travel opportunities just to write an article, such was the craze.

Before I could even realize, a couple of years had passed by and the blog was been fed regularly with my articles and quite a few people had taken a liking to it and were asking for more. All along, I used to use my compact digital camera wherever I used to go but dedicated time went into photography only when I lay my hands on the Dslr camera.

Slowly and steadily, all travels now had an element of photography in them and that helped me explore a lot of new places and as time lapsed by, my interest in nature in general and wildlife in particular grew leaps and bounds and that is now very relevant to the articles I blog about, showcasing the splendor of nature and travel tales together.

All along, I really appreciate and acknowledge the support shown from the readers, visitors and it always feels good when someone somewhere recognizes you by your blog and wishes you the best.

As I look forward, I intend to continue showcasing the beautiful nature to my readers maybe with more travel articles and also probably exploring new destinations and publishing all information that I can get so as to help people in their planning.

You can write to me at santosh.badri@gmail.com or connect with me on facebook.

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  1. Wow, that is a nice summation of an incredible journey. Your passion to travel and photography is very much evident in all your posts. It has been wonderful and an honor to have been connected and I look forward to reading a lot more! Best wishes :-)

    1. thanks Arti. It's an equal honor to have you read through my posts :)

    2. I agree with Arti . Its been really great to be connected with an elegant nature traveler . Still waiting for the opportunity to explore with you .

    3. Thanks Dheeraj :) Yes, me too waiting for that opportunity!

  2. Your blog is a thouroughly enjoyable and informative one... Thanks to this journey you wrote about. Love your photos as well!


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