Awesome Waterfall locations for that awesome adventure

Location: Unknown falls located in the Sakleshpur area of the W.Ghats, Karnataka

(a hidden falls, photo by the author)

A falls located close to a motored road yet not known to many, the falls that is all about serene and serendipity yet not many travelers are aware of it, the falls where you can get lost for hours together yet not many to disturb your peaceful stay, the falls whose clear, pure waters can fill you with freshness and life, yet many people don’t take a dip, an adventure missed by many, an adventure experienced by many, an exotic adventure bathing location that makes you quiver alive is awesome.

Location: Unknown falls nestled deep in Coorg, Karnataka

(the estate falls, photo by the author)

Coorg is one of the most preferred destinations to visit for a relaxing holiday, for that hill station getaway, for an adventure weekend, for river rafting, for virgin forests and lush green estates, for that rich wildlife and colorful birdlife, for those trekking trails and for more alive is awesome experiences.

A remote falls located within a lush green coffee estate in Coorg - aptly called the Scotland of India that can be visited any time of the year and reaching here needs a mild trek worth all the effort and time. The falls gorge down from a decent height and located in Coorg, the waters are chill enough to send shivers down your spine and bathing / swimming here is sure an adventure in itself. Standing below the plunging falls, soaked in the creamy white waters, exhaling those roars of joy; the pains and pangs vanish with the flow of water infusing you with freshness, energy and life every time you take a plunge making it an alive is awesome experience none the less.

Location: Sangama and Mekedatu, Karnataka

(the wide river before narrowing, photo by the author)

This cannot be classified as a waterfall location but merely a flowing stream at Sangama that becomes wild and adventurous as it reaches Mekedatu making it a destination for adventure here. While the river Kaveri flows wide enough for bathing and swimming at Sangama, the river shortens to flow through a deep narrow 10 meter wide gorge thereby increasing the force and intensity of the flow and it flows through a deep ravine of hard granite rock making it an extremely dangerous place to get down into.

Adventure, when in limits and with safety measures is a thrill and memorable but when done without the concern of safety leads to loss of life and this exactly happens here. But nevertheless, for all the people who take care of themselves and stretch to their adventurous limits, it’s an awesome location that is a true example of having an alive is awesome experience. Watch the video to live the alive is awesome moments from Mekedatu.

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