Butterflies Part III

Part I and II respectively here and here...

Danaid Eggfly butterfly
The Danaid Eggfly, Mimic, or Diadem (Hypolimnas misippus) is a widespread species of nymphalid butterfly. It is well known for polymorphism and mimicry. Males are blackish with distinctive white spots that are fringed in blue. They are found across Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Common Leopard butterfly
The Common Leopard (Phalanta phalantha) is a sun-loving butterfly of the Nymphalid or Brush-footed Butterfly family. It is a medium sized butterfly with a wingspan of 50–55 mm with a tawny color and marked with black spots. The underside of the butterfly is more glossy than the upper and both the male and female are similar looking. Sun loving and avoids shade (Sorry for the lousy shot with the wings closed, it looks dramatically beautiful with intricate spots all over the body when the wingspan is open).

Pea Blue butterfly
The Peablue, Pea Blue, or Long-tailed Blue (Lampides boeticus) is a small butterfly found in Europe, Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and Australia that belongs to the Lycaenids or gossamer-winged family. The wingspan is 24-32 mm for males and 24-34 mm for females.

Gray Pansy butterfly
The Gray Pansy (Junonia atlites) is a species of nymphalid butterfly found in South Asia. The least common pansy in India, found at low elevations in regions of heavy rainfall. It’s frequently seen in paddy fields, seldom in jungles and never in dry areas. Visits flowers of various plants.

(another shot of this beautiful butterfly with a better view)


  1. Lovely pics... and good that there is a write up on the butterflies.

  2. Butterflies are one of the best flying creatures. The 2nd and 4th shots are really good.


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