Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Huchchara Santhe blog reviewed

"All around me are familiar faces 
Worn out places 
Worn out faces 
Bright and early for the daily races 
Going no where 
Going no where"

Well, these are the opening lines of my blog review's post done by The Fool (as he calls himself) in his wonderful, diverse blog Lucifer House Inc.

Yet again, this was possible only due to Indiblogger where I found his topic inviting people to submit their blogs for review. It is a real good sign from people who would want to invest so much of their time to go through your blog and pinpoint as to what is right and what is wrong and my heartfelt appreciation to "The Fool" on this great job done.

It is always good to know what people think about your blog, what you write, how you write, the contents, the widgets, the layout, the colors, the photos, all that is visible on your page to the world. Feedbacks, suggestions, reviews are very important for any blog to develop in this virtual world.

After an extensive review, he sums it up this way :)
"In the end analysis, I must say a really great blog for anyone who loves nature. It has a wealth of information on travel in the Western Ghats in Karnataka and observation of birds and other flora and fauna."

As I have mentioned there, this blog is due for some makeovers and changes and hopefully it should happen soon...

Read the complete review here -> Review of Huchchara Santhe
I request all of you to visit the link, read it and leave your valuable footprints all over Lucifer House :)

Well, with this review, I would also like to invite any other interested people who would want to review my blog, just leave me a note.
Suggestions and tips from readers are also welcome.

If you want your blog to be reviewed by The Fool, just follow the instructions given on this page -> Blog Reviews

Thanks again for all the support, appreciation and feedback and hope this journey goes on and on... :)
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