Sunday, December 25, 2011

Birdwatching at Madiwala Lake, Bangalore

Last visit to Madiwala lake was quite some time ago and I was put off by the stench and bad maintenance. Cut to present and the lake looks much better and clean and more importantly the migrants have started visiting the lake and should be here for the next couple of months!
Lately, I was getting good feedback and decided to visit the backyard lake once with Sumeet, fellow NTPian. Was very pleased to sight my first Marsh Harrier here and the Pelicans and the Sandpipers, all being winter migrants.
We spent a couple of hours early in the day and I returned back in the evening primarily to test my Canon 40D on field and to get used to it prior to my mega trip kickoff.
Bird checklist:
Eurasian Marsh Harrier
Oriental Honey Buzzard
Brahminy Kite
Black Kite
Spot billed Pelican
Grey Heron
Purple Heron
Little Cormorant
Little Grebe
White breasted Waterhen
White breasted Kingfisher
Purple Moorhen
Barn Swallows
Red wattled Lapwing
Grey Wagtail
Ashy Prinia
Common Coot
Bay backed Shrike
Little Egret
Pond Heron

To add more clarity, this visit to Madiwala lake was in November 2011 and the mega trip happened at the end of November itself, well forgot to mention the dates!
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