Birding @ Lalbagh!

The Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bengaluru is an 240 acre park started ages ago by the Mysore rulers and later developed during the British empire. Within its lush environs is a 30 acre lake, Glass house (in the form of a diamond), a watch tower erected by the erstwhile ruler Kempegowda and home to numerous exotic species of plants, trees and flowers and also serving as a lung space with fresh air for the people here. Bird life is also abundant with migrants also visiting the park during seasons. Been born and brought up here, all these years Lalbagh was just a place for relaxation, some good long walks, fresh air and some good timepass... but this time I was here on a different mission - birding quite some time after I'm into it! The day was fixed and the time too... but the weather was overcast and it stayed all through the day! We started off from the gate on Siddapura Road, then saw and just saw walkers, joggers everywhere being a sunday, the laughter club people, yogi's, jogi's.... but the birdlife was completey unaudible to us (maybe we were deaf or the overcast weather played spoilsport?). Slowly we drifted away from the crowds, into the bushes and as the sun started making his presence felt, we finally managed some birding at last!
We could not manage many but still sighted a few species...
1.Plum headed Parakeets 2.Brahminy Kites 3.Black Kites 4.Spot billed Duck 5.Egret 6.Asian Koel male 7.Asian Koel female 8.Bay backed Shrike 9.White cheeked Barbet 10.Great Tit 11.Purple rumped Sunbird 12.Tailor bird and a few more...
What we missed were the Owlets, Pelicans and few other resident commonly seen species. We will be back here soon at a proper time for some more good proper birding..
Patience is a virtue!
Care for the nature and the nature cares for you!