Serial blasts rocks Bangalore !!!!!

Ouch!!! Aww!!! It finally happenned which we Bangaloreans never thought should never happen in this IT capital of india, infact it was more like we were sitting on a volcano just about to explode or more rather "this was expected some day to happen in bengaluru", in the backdrop of recent blasts across the country and also the arrests and seizures made... its time bengaluru police woke up and be more stringent against these acts...

25th July 2008: the BLACK friday -- the day started on a omnious note with rain gods opening up right from the morning (probably was a warning which went unnoticed), lazy afternoon with the people gearing up for the weekend........ suddenly were jolted by the news of "blasts in bangalore".... the news started.. 1st blast at madivala.... then 2nd.. then 3rd.. 4th.. 5th............. 8th (at the last count).... at various places more so concentrated towards south bangalore. Each news channel started showing different counts of people injured, dead....... and the places where it took place.. virtually confusing any person who saw or read them.

It was chaos at our office located on the Richmond road with news of almost 5-6 blasts in the surrounding areas of madivala, adugodi, richmond circle, nr mallya hospital, langford town... who knew which place was next ??? Everybody wanted to get home desperately; ensure their near and dear ones are fine but the jammed networks notably reliance, hutch adding more to the chaos............... Everybody were requested to stay in the office primarily as it was safer than the surroundings and as 4pm approached, they were let to go or got dropped off to their places; For the male staff, manage yourselves..... !!!!!!!!!

I managed to see two of the blast sites (the one at langford town and the other at the madivala check post bus stop where unfortunately a woman was killed)....

> at the langford site -- Could not see any damage to the sports shop there, a few policemen were there had cordoned off the place and as its right next to the busier, smaller hosur road nothing much could be found out by self...

> at the madivala checkpost bus stand -- there was a huge gathering, people more curious to see the place, what's left behind and hordes of them coming and coming...... The bust shelter bore maximum damages to the blast and this was the place where an unfortunate lady was the victim of this cowardly, distardly act.

Overall being a citizen of this lovely city, i along with many others condemn in the most stringent of words and action this act of cowardness and probably with the motive to hamper the peace here (which in any case they wont be successful in).

Bangalore wont be bogged down by such lousy acts and we sure will bug out the "miscreants" and will Ctrl+Alt+Del them for good.

Can't imagine what if the blasts were of high intensity with them being ripped off more in places where its crowded usually !!!!!!

The events that shook bengaluru :

> 1:20pm : Madivala bus stand - 1 lady instantly killed

> 1:35pm : Nanjappa layout near adugodi

> 1:40pm : Aanepalya - Adugodi - in a granite shop

> 1:45pm : Langford road

> 1:50pm : Near mallya hospital

> 2:00pm : Hosaguddahalli - near Gopalan mall on mysore road

> 2:05pm : Nayandahalli on mysore road

> 2:10pm : Kengeri gate near RV college, mysore road.

the bus stand at Madivala ripped off where i had been.......