Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thindi Beedhi (Food Street) of Bangalore

Heavily inspired to blog about this after viewing Sankara's post on the famous Tindi Beedhi of Bangalore, visited here after a long gap along with Nag to indulge in some savories and to capture some :) Hope I do a little justice to the topic and inspire few more people to visit the street...
Thindi Beedhi or Food Street is a street in VV Puram near Sajjan Rao circle, Bangalore and is one of the oldest localities. Here you find everything to everything typical vegetarian dishes on offer. Earlier this narrow stretch of road used to be filled with only push carts dishing out the varieties but now things have changed a little and its a mix of shops and carts that cater to the huge crowd that throngs here.
One should visit here only for "food" and not facilities or trendy restaurants. If you like standing out in long queues waiting for that special "dosa" or that bisi bisi "bele obbattu" or the spicy "capsicum bonda", then don't waste time in not visiting here. If you are the other kind, then please excuse me! Hygeine is not high but you don't fall sick either :)
We started off with the VB bakery, an old timer with a very huge fan following (I still remember the "Khara Bread" that I used to have from here during my school days). Famous for honey cakes, buns and variety of biscuits, we settled for "Palya Buns" to start off with...
Then started our activity to gobble as many varieties as our stomachs could hold on too, lest its bursts out boom boom :D "Mango Corn masala" was our first victim and it vanished in as quickly as it came, next that caught our attention was the piping hot "Bele Obbattu" that soon vanished again into our tummies in no time. After this off went inside were the Bonda's that are mandatory on our every outing...
With our stomachs feeling strangled with sudden thrust of delicious food items, it was time for some "Jaljeera" to ease the stress and boy, it surely was mouth watering :D
Back to action, next were the Dosa's on our hit list and after discussions we just settled for a dosa each (the rest of the varieties would be tried another time :)). It just tickles your tummy to see so many varieties of dosa on offer, just have a look at the list:
Paper Dosa
Khali Dosa
Onion Dosa
Masala Dosa
Butter Dosa
Pudi Dosa
Set Dosa
Bath Dosa
Avarebele Dosa
Roast Dosa
and many others...!
I missed having the Idli's and Paddu's that are on the hit list of my next visit and the hot Jamuns as well as also a couple of sweets and kulfis as well :)
Can you resist seeing the hot "Jalebis" on offer, well we couldn't and a couple of them vanished soon into our bellies followed by some mouth watering "Kulfi's" on offer... Wanted something spicy and so "Boti masala" was the next target to balance the sugar and the spices in our stomachs!
Finally, we decided to call it a day after much speculation and finished the job with some hot and cold "Badam milk" that acted as a sealing agent for all the stuff gone in :)
I would personally suggest the following do's and dont's so that you have an enjoyable experience out there...

Go with a full tummy
Go with a mindset of high hygienic conditions
Go with and idea of sitting and eating
Throw the plates and papers wherever you want, be sensible and use the dustbins

Go with a mindset to eat, eat and only eat :)
Carry a bottle of drinking water
Try varieties on offer and avoid sticking to one item
Carry some digestives (hajmola's) if you need some!
Help keep the place clean and avoid littering

A typical outing for a couple should cost not more than Rs 200/- per person.
And many thanks to Nagaraj Gaitonde for being the perfect support cast :)
Happy Eating and do share your experiences :)
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