Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maidenahalli pictures

Some pictures from the Maidenahalli visit.

It was an unplanned visit and I managed to sneak out early in the morning to Maidenahalli while my brother was getting married at D'durga. Great escape!

Roughly 60 odd kilometres from Devarayanadurga and the road conditions are getting worse. The good roads have got lot of scars on their face (potholes) and with the rains looming large, it ain't getting better :( unless like the silver lining, the PWD wakes up and fixes the road, expecting too much, am I ?

Nothing much to write here, just a few moments to share, well we saw a good number of the blackbucks and lot of sub-adults which is a positive sign, hares here and there and a couple of raptors buzzing around.

I'm still waiting for the opportunity to spend a day here and hoping an encounter with the foxes, jackals and the wolf!

The males are beautiful in appearance either in light brown or dark tan appearance and with those lovely knotted horns.

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