Saturday, October 23, 2010

Point & Shoot and DSLR cameras

When I got my DSLR camera, I often encountered these questions & comments...

! What is the difference b/w the DSLR and the Point & Shoot (P&S) camera you had?
! What was the need to spend so much now?
! How much is the zoom and megapixel on your DSLR? Its so heavy?

Ironically these and many other such questions and comments are commonly heard that initially I found it difficult to answer and later I learnt to ignore them completely.

Here I intend to highlight few differences b/w the P&S and the DSLR cameras.
  • P&S have got fixed lenses, small bodies. DSLR's use a range of interchangeable lenses for different needs.
  • Speed - P&S cameras are awfully slower and varying in focussing and saving images to the memory card takes a lot of time. DSLR's are super quick and their focussing is fast and accurate.
  • Generally images on P&S cameras are shot in JPEG format which is the final output whereas DSLR images can be shot on RAW format that can be edited and processed which in turn gives a better control on the final image.
  • DSLR's perform better in low light conditions using ISO speeds and avoiding flash.
  • DSLR's use a mirror that allows you to see exactly the replica of the image you are about to shoot through the view finder. P&S nowadays are equipped with LCD screens that are better than the viewfinders.
  • P&S use smaller image sensors while DSLR's have much larger sized sensors that result in better image quality overall.
  • Restricted and complicated manual modes on P&S. DSLR are designed to be used in Manual mode that give the user control on all the aspects of photography.
  • DSLR's are versatile in many areas, especially depth of field (DOF); a DSLR can give you depth of field that puts everything from forground to background in focus through to nice blurry backgrounds.
  • A P&S camera can captures 1 frames/sec while a DSLR captures 3 frames/sec to 12 frames/sec that makes a lot of difference.
  • P&S cameras come cheap and light whereas the DSLR's are heavy and expensive.
Now the prosumer cameras that are intermediate b/w the P&S and DSLR's are a rage in the market that have more features and technicall superior to the P&S and which are a good option for those who intend to upgrade to an DSLR!
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