Friday, September 9, 2011

Ganesha comes together

Well, this is not an travel nor any photographic post but all about Ganesha, the elephant god :)

Arti, a fellow blogger from Mumbai invited readers to contribute to her blog where the different ways of Ganesha festival celebrations would be featured as celebrated in their respective places. At first though a very nice gesture but practically difficult to implement and make the readers contribute to this...

After few days in despair and doubt, she finally managed to put this wonderful article feature 4 of us bloggers contributing their ways of celebrating Ganesha festival from Mumbai, Goa and namma Bengaluru.

Providing the link the the blog of Arti where the article is featured:

Congratulate Arti on this mighty work and wonderful compilation from the many sources and hope to see more such posts coming on. Her blog is all about her travel to spiritual destinations and in depth information about those places!

Adios! Happy blogging :)
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