Saturday, February 12, 2011

White water rafting on Kali II

White water rafting session II on the Kali

We were back and back very soon to participate in another session of rafting in the Kali river rapids through Jungle lodges Old magazine house camp at Ganeshgudi near Dandeli. This time around all 4 of us – I, raja, guru and nag were in attendance.

Rafting in Dandeli is directly dependant on the water released from the Supa dam. If the gates are not opened, then no rafting will be held and if more gates are opened, the rapids are all the more swift. So, in short no sessions of rafting are pre decided, the status needs to be checked every day and for every session.

The first day morning, only 4 of us were there and we were taken to the rafting point but as we came back with the same intensity as the gates were not opened and the water levels had gone down. However the same afternoon, rafting session was confirmed and we had more people joining us and accordingly 4 rafts were readied for the purpose.

Post lunch, we reached the rafting point and after the introductory instruction session, batches were formed and set out in the rafts, each having between 6-8 people in it. Every participant has to mandatorily wear the life jacket, helmet and have an oar. Kim, the most experienced instructor was our guide and he ensured we enjoy the session to the core and also participate actively. We four along with Kim and another couple were batched in one raft. First 10 minutes in the raft, you are taught how to move forward, backward, relax, sit down and all the basic instructions. Next you are drenched with water from the oars by the instructors to really get in. Next you are asked to jump off the raft into the water! The first time, I was little hesitant as I can’t survive by myself in water, but the safety jacket that is bound to you ensures you don’t drown but stay afloat. Kim ensures the entire people jump into the water and those reluctant are convinced to do so ;-)

This time the water levels were good and so were the rapids and it is adrenaline pumping fun passing through each one of them and we enjoyed till the end. At a predefined point, the instructor does the snowing activity and that is you take the raft against the flow of water towards elevated rocks from where the water is flowing towards you and all the people in the raft bend forward, what happens here is that the people sitting in the front are completely submerged in the gushing water splashing onto their faces and the raft stays put as all the people are pushing against the current of water. Hu! What an activity…brr.. the rapids hitting straight onto your face is pure fun and it also ensures you are drenched to the core J. Rafting is an activity that needs to be experienced and enjoyed and at best sounds moderate when put in words!
After a long session of exciting rafting, we were driven back to the Old Magazine house camp and Nag was super excited, this being his first rafting experience. The much needed hot tea and snacks were served that were gulped like hungry men never seen food before :)
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