Saturday, October 23, 2010

Various aspects of Photography

Practice makes a man perfect!

Was trying out few things with my Canon 1000D and the Tamron 28-300 /Canon 100-400 lenses.

Shallow DOF and spot focussing:
The above shots were taken with the 100-400 at 400mm with ISO 800 to get a faster shutter speed. The difference b/w the two is that the focussing planes are different in both. In the 1st image, the dhole at the rear is in focus while in the 2nd the kneeeling dhole is in focus.

Composition and DOF: The below image was shot under cloudy conditions and intentionally
under exposed with ISO 100 with the Tamron lens. F@ 6.3 and Shutter speed @ 1/80.
With lot of distractions around, I kept on moving around till I got a clear visibility of this little flower (this was intentionally under exposed to get a clear background, I think I could have done better here...) contrast I liked the below composition where the peeping flower was shot between the wooden planks and with a clear background, again here the image was underexposed.

Another key point to be noted is both the shots are at an eye level that highlights a different perspective altogether. If the same were shot from standing above, the DOF would not have been possible as the distance from the flower to the ground is nearer. The below composition highlights the rosy rose and the water droplets on it just popping out from the edge of the screen makes it unique.nother principle that I'm trying to follow while composing any image is the rule of thirds where the subjects are not kept bang in the centre but at just off the centre that gives it a different perspective. Shot at ISO 100 and underexposed by -2 with a shutter sped of 1/200. Wish there was some sunlight falling directly on to the object...

Notice closely and you see that not the entire flower is in focus that could have been easily achieved by increasing the F.
The below two compositions were shot almost in identical settings as above with the Tarmon lens where I probably thought I could have fared better much...
The learning exercise continues and photography is a vast topic and mastering all aspects of it takes tremendous patience and the willingness to learn!

Critiques and comments are welcome :)
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