Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bangalore Bird Race 2009

Check this article by INWian Deepa Mohan about the HSBC Bangalore Bird Race 2009 event that happenned in Bangalore on 11 January 2009. An article in Times of India Bangalore newspaper edition dated 19-01-09. FAQ's:

1.What is Bird Race all about?

Its an event conducted by the India Bird Races supported by HSBC bank where teams of bird watchers will spend entire day birding in and around like Bangalore city (with a geographical limit)

2.What is the purpose?

To initiate more people into bird watching, a chance for the beginners to learn finer points with the experienced and the experts and to identify the region's birdlife and build help supporting nature and conservation.

3. Is it a serious activity or ??

No its a fun filled activity alongwith birding, you can visit any no of places within the boundary and however you want you could do it....

4. Any prizes?

With support from HSBC bank, three top teams will be rewarded with notable gifts.

5. Teams or individuals?

You can form your own group of 4 (with atleast one good birder...) or register as individual wherein you will be clubbed with others to form a group.

6. When does this event happen? The 3rd sunday of January every year. Its going on from the last 3 years. 7. How do i participate? Keep a track of this site - and also an eye on the newspapers in the 1st or 2nd week of january. I am looking forward for the next years event... Care for the nature and the nature cares for you!
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